About Yisel

Yisel Morales in Bremerton, Washington.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every English major in possession of good books must be in want of a pen to animate the life of every word the text has to offer. 

Hello and welcome! My name is Yisel Morales. I am presently attending Pacific Lutheran University as an English major with an emphasis in literature and minoring in writing and communications. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest area in the beautiful state of Washington. I come from a very small town surrounded by evergreen mountains, intertwined rivers, and a perfect view of Mt. Rainer. When I am away from my hometown, I love venturing with my camera to the nearest beach or lake that I can find to hike, to reconnect with nature and find inner peace.

I am currently working as a teaching assistant for Early Learning Academies, an organization which strives for the excellence of early childhood education and development. I absolutely love teaching children what is incremental to their development! Whether it’s teaching them the alphabet or dancing along to Baby Shark, as a teacher, knowing that they are learning something valuable from the time that they enter the classroom to the time they leave is a rewarding experience. 

My plans after I graduate from PLU are to get my Masters of Arts in Education so that I can become an English teacher, first, and eventually, an English professor. Feel free to explore the work I have written during my time as an undergraduate English major by clicking through the menu.